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You'll Love the Freedom of the Breeze Bike Share Lifestyle!

Los Angeles Westside locals are known for being relaxed.  They live near the ocean, the sun shines every day, there's a yoga class on every corner!  What's not to be relaxed about?  But when it comes to traffic, these chill seaside SoCals can turn into road rage monsters with the mere beep of a horn.  That is, unless they're cruising through the traffic on a bike!

Breeze Bike Share is taking over the city one commuter at a time!  The user-friendly community focussed biking system connects residents and tourists to office spots, shops, sights and the sea.  With stations stretching from Brentwood to Mar Vista and all the way to the sandy shores of Santa Monica, you'll find everything you need in this glorious bike bubble and relieve road rage and parking anxiety for good.

Breeze bikes are incredibly accessible, fast, and affordable at only $7 per hour casual, $25 per month or $99 per year for up to 80 minutes per day ride time!  With a convenient hold function to lock the bike outside the designated region for an extension of up to one hour, you'll love the freedom of the bike share lifestyle and wonder why you ever had a car in the first place!

Commuting is a breeze with Breeze Bike Share!  Come share in the fun!

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