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My Discovery Year!

Facilitated by writer/filmmaker and trauma informed coach Sarah Walton, My Discovery Year is a program that will be guide you on a life changing journey to ignite your creative aliveness, to do more of what lights you up, and to build the life of your dreams! Join the community of life lovers coming together to empower each other, to share ideas & inspiration & to grow together.

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My Discovery Year is for You if:

You’re already working toward a dream and you want to connect with community and receive support, inspiration and ideas along the way

You’re unsure about next steps and what dream you want to work toward

You have a dream you’re working toward but you want support with action and accountability

You’re looking for tips to escape the 9-5 structure and get paid for work that lights you up 

You want tips for becoming a digital nomad and support as you make changes in your life 

You’re looking for a positive, encouraging, supportive, trauma informed, fun environment to connect with likeminded people who are also going after their dreams and believe in yours!


Having a positive, supportive community during this process is so important, as it helps us not fall back into old comfortable patterns and behaviors when our fears come up as we make changes in our lives. We need support to help us keep moving forward to create our dream life!


Each week the membership Includes:

  • 1 x Zoom MMM Dance Fitness Party Class per week (incorporating short meditation, somatic awareness and fun 80s-2000s Dance fun! It’s a free form class so no dance experience or coordination necessary) (Value ($20 per class)

  • 1 x 1 hour Live Q&A on Facebook where you can ask questions and get tips on action steps toward your dreams and goals as well as suggested exercises and practises to help you get clarity on your vision and next steps (Value: Over $200)

  • A Discovery Year Facebook group to connect with other members and share your celebrations and progress to stay on track. Moderated by Sarah with a Monday Morning Accountability Post (Value: Priceless! You can’t put a price on making new friends and keeping accountable!)

  • Connection with possible collaborators for your projects (Sarah is a writer/filmmaker/RomComic with her own production company, as well as a coach/speaker and she’s always looking for people to work with. There will be members who are also looking for the same) (Value: Getting Paid For Work That Lights You Up!)

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Sarah's Expertise

Vulnerability. Creativity. Heart. Humor.

Sarah blends personal development and creativity practises for transformational experiences that help you move through perceived limitations, achieve your goals, and build the life of your dreams, while having a lot of fun along the way! Yipeee!


Sarah is a trauma informed coach and has studied and practised Polyvagal Theory (regulating the nervous system), IFS (internal family systems) and Attachment theory, EFT/tapping, Gestalt theory, somatic awareness, Tantra, ACIM, 14 years Vipassana meditation, and various other modalities.

She has over 20 years in the entertainment industry including acting, writing, directing, producing, casting and she has her Masters in writing & directing from VCA (hons). 

She has personally overcome anxiety, panic attacks, depression, PTSD, surgeries, chronic back pain, sexual trauma, suicide ideation, and has transmuted her pain into presence and power, to build the life of her dreams.

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I'm so excited for you to join our community!

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