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Specializing in socially conscious Romantic Comedy film & TV, Sarah runs FEEL GOOD FILMS (formerly NOEGO Pictures), a holistic production company which produces high concept commercial films with humor, heart & impact.

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Starring Sibylla Budd & Jimmy Eaton

Short Comedy | 15:49 min

In this outrageous comedy, a 37 yr old 80's obsessed secretary with a rare condition called "Stiff Leg Syndrome" bravely faces her fears and pursues her dream of winning a dance competition.

When Life Gives You Stiff Legs... JUMP!

* Official selection for Burbank International Film Festival and Cinefest, L.A.

Writer & director – Sarah Walton I Producer – Danielle Singleton

Cinematographer – Joshua Mitchell-Frey I Editor – Patrick McBain


Starring Emily Goddard & Nick Farnell

Short Romantic Comedy | 7:00 min

Shayne, a female boxer, dates her polar opposite, Benji, a maternal male librarian, and finds that letting down your guard can be diabolical.

* Official selection for The Golden Diana Awards, Austria and The Lumiere Film Festival, Italy

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor – Sarah Walton

Cinematographer – Kate Lefoe 

Who Moved My Key IMG_3736 Azz at door wi


Starring Aaron Walton

Short Comedy | 3:27 min

Who Moved My Key? follows Barry’s zany voyage to break into his own house to prepare for a date and win back his ex-girlfriend – the love of his life Mandyyyy!  But first he must battle the ultimate villain… his own mind.

Writer & Director – Sarah Walton I Producer – Elise Cooney
Cinematographer – Elizabeth Myring I Editor – Sarah Walton


Starring Gen Kelsang Dornying

Short Documentary | 5:54 min

A humorous, lighthearted interview with Buddhist Monk Gen Kelsang Dornying on Meditation and Mindfulness, reminding us to not take ourselves too seriously.

* Over 22k views on YouTube

Director, Producer, Editor – Sarah Walton

Cinematographers – Kate Davey and Sarah Walton 

Feature Films

Romantic Comedy

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(Formerly Em Pathetic)

An overly empathetic dance instructor who has never left Hawaii, and a cold hearted NYC stockbroker, are magnetized together causing them to accidentally switch prescription medications, sending them on an emotional rollercoaster, and changing their lives forever.

* Quarter Finalist in PAGE International Screenwriting Competition, L.A.


(Formerly Holiday Switch Up)

“The character growth in Holi was so perfectly written that it remains to be seen why audience members fall for characters as hard as they do. Watching Holi open up and accept all parts of herself was beautiful and really made me root for her throughout the story...

Zach is written so sweet and honest. The kind of pure that can feel so far away in people's reality that it added a refreshing touch to this story...

Walton made sure that page after page was full of cheesy, over the top scenes depicting a hilarious, heart-warming story…”  ~ Redrock Entertainment

* Interest from several prolific Hallmark Producers (Logline withheld while sale is TBC)