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Storytelling & Personal development Workshop...


Be The Hero of Your Own Movie!

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself." ~ Joseph Campbell

Transform any area of your life by turning your tragic story into a comedic hero’s journey!

Writing our stories allows us to create distance between ourselves and our pain, 

and helps us transmute our Grief into Gold!

In the course you will:

Write about yourself as a character and become your own superhero, rom com heroine, or action hero! Find out your superpower, your obstacle and tell the story of how you persevered and came out the other side with life changing lessons. Then find out how you can utilize these lessons to change the world around you, whether that be your family, community or universally. Write your own happy ending (rom com style, not massage parlor style).


 "I truly enjoyed every session and came away with unique insights that I wouldn't have on my own. It was powerful to share our stories with each other, and Sarah helped me see mine through a lens that I never had before. Writing is something I usually avoid, so I'm grateful we learned how to make it fun and take the pressure off!

Sarah created such a warm, encouraging space for creativity to come through. She was fully present to meet us wherever we were at and adapt the format accordingly.

Not only am I better equipped with tools for writing in the future, but this workshop helped me enjoy more comedy in my life everyday!"

Julie Anderson, Writer/Project Manager

What You'll Get

You'll leave the course with a story outline, 

and you can turn it into a:

* book

* TV or movie script

* social media post

* speech

... Or simply use the story to get closer to finding out what your purpose is

and/or release the story and the limitations that come with it.

You'll learn storytelling structure* and a formula for reframing your tragedies and turning them into comedies. 

I create a safe space for emotion to flow and provide catharsis.

We will laugh, we may cry (I probably will!), and we will feel a connection to the knowing that

although our stories may differ in detail, essentially, we're all the same.

We all have fears and obstacles, and at the heart, we all have the same goal... 

to connect more strongly with the love within us.

"Sarah's empathy quotient is off the charts - allowing her to see where you want to go with your story, nurturing your unique voice as she guides you along..."

Chris Colpitts, Award Winning Writer

You will learn tools to:

Silence your inner critic

Regulate your nervous system

Let go of fear of failure and inhibitions

Observe your ideas with less judgement

Embrace your ideas with more confidence

Free your inner voice

Enjoy the process

Create authentic, unique stories & characters

Get into flow & combat writer's block

Write a comic hero's journey story

Transmute your grief into gold


* Relationships

* Finances

* Career

* Health

* Sexuality



 (LA time)


(Aus time)

DURATION: 1 x 2 hour zoom class p/wk

for 8 weeks & mid week check in!

Click the Book/Inquire link below for more details

Prerequisites for the course:

* Must enjoy laughing at yourself!

* All ego, judgments and blame must be left at the door - the only way to become a true hero

and take back our power is to meet & release our victimhood with love & take full responsibility.

(This does not mean blaming ourselves, victim blaming or condoning harmful behavior of others,

it means forgiveness of others and ourselves, & being willing to dig for the gold that comes from our grief).

"Life is a Tragedy when seen up close, but a Comedy in long shot" ~ Charlie Chaplin

* The story structure I teach is a comic hero’s journey based on The Comic Toolbox by John Vorhaus, Save The Cat, by Blake Snyder, and screenwriting and storytelling classes taught by Sandra Sciberras, Billy Millionis and Annabelle Murphy during my Masters in Writing and Directing training at VCA and Meisner training at The Actor's Pulse.

 Other influences of my storytelling work are the book Story by Robert McKee,

and an overview of The Hero's Journey Structure coined by Joseph Campbell.

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us"

~ Joseph Campbell

Click the Book/Inquire link to ask questions & request details of the course structure & cost.

"I absolutely loved taking this class! Sarah is a powerful facilitator who was able to create deep insights and transformation for participants with her questions and reflections. I got an enriched perspective on what my life story is and how that maps to storytelling structures I could use. I encourage this class for people who want to have fun, depth, and learning about storytelling and themselves."

Rona Kremer, Writer/Comedian/Speaker

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