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Sarah Walton's Love Letter to the 80's

An article written about Sarah's short comedy JUMP! starring Sibylla Budd and Jimmy James Eaton.  The film was official selection for the Burbank International Film Festival and Cinefest, L.A.


Gender Role Reversal in The Dating Ring

An article written about Sarah's short romantic comedy The Dating Ring starring Emily Goddard and Nick Farnell.  The film was official selection for The Diana Awards, Austria and The Lumiere Film Festival, Italy.

The Dating Ring still copy.jpg

Paradise Switch
(formerly Em Pathetic)

An article written about Sarah's romantic comedy screenplay Em Pathetic which was a Quarter Finalist in the PAGE International Screenwriting Competition, L.A.


Q & A with Sarah Walton

Sarah Walton on Love, Relationships, Dating and Random Acts of Romance

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