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Comedy, Short Story

Sisters Bali Holiday

Laura is a dare devil and I have all the bad luck.  So far a monkey stole my thong and ate it and my Jet Ski instructor tried to ride more than my jet ski, but things are looking up.  Although my helmet and padded life vest cramp my style, I feel like superwoman as I brave the rainforest rapids in my little rubber dingy, cascading down each drop petrified, but determined.  Laura skims elegantly down the drop in front of me “Weeeee!”.  She actually enjoys this, she’s not even holding on!
I approach the drop, feeling confident  - I’m a dingy warrior, no one can stop me now!  I loosen a stiff hand and throw my arm in the air like a rodeo cowboy “yeeeehaaaa!”.  Heart pounding, I plunge down – I feel like I’m taking on Niagara falls!   My breath returns as I land securely in the water and continue down the stream.  I’m so relieved I almost weep.  Suddenly, my dingy hits a rock and flips me over, my cry for help silenced as I plummet into the piercing cold water.  This is it - “Aussie Drowns in Tragic Rubber Dingy Accident”.  Water swirls around me like a washing machine.  I grapple at slippery rocks and push my head above water “Help!!! Help me!”.  A god-like hand reaches out, I take it, it lifts me up until I’m standing safely in the stream.  Laura roars with laughter.  Not much chance of drowning in knee deep water.

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