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Reset Your Metabolism 
…Bridget Jones Style!

I always related to Bridget Jones.  Her unhealthy eating habits, her allergy to exercise, her shameless crush on Hugh Grant.  But even once I’d left Hugh Grant and singledom behind, I’d had a family and adopted a healthier lifestyle, I still couldn’t swap out my Giant Bridget Jones knickers for the sexy Victoria Secret ones I had at the back of my draw!  I’d hit a plateau.  My body was still weighing me down… literally.

My trainer kept telling me I could bust through every plateau, more like bust through the button of every pair of pants I owned!  In the past I’d try to focus on losing my muffin top and just end up eating muffins (blueberry are my fav!).  I’d try to eat less carbs, so I'd lay off the fries, even avoid the bread and butter, but then I'd end up bingeing on 3 slices of cake… okay, the whole cake!.  But this time I felt like I was actually doing things right and I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Was I not eating the right food?

Was I eating too much? 

Was I not exercising enough?

Aaaahhhh. It was so frustrating!

But then my trainer introduced me to the concept of “reseting my metabolism”.  I’d never heard of such a thing.  I always thought our metabolism was something we were blessed with from birth, or cursed with in my case, I thought it was genetics.  You know, like long legs, an aptitude for languages or a high octave singing voice (nope, I have none of those either).  And as I sat on the couch watching the beginning of Bridget Jones' Diary, for the 5th time, mimicking her as she banged invisible drums and sang "All by myself” into a rolled up magazine, while my kids stared at me with dismay, I thought, maybe it was worth putting my scepticism aside to at least give this “resetting my metabolism” a try.  It was either try something new or sink into the couch and become part of the furniture for good. 

I made the decision that I didn't want to be Bridget Jones from the first movie anymore, I didn’t want to be singing into my hairbrush in my pyjamas feeling sorry for myself: “Feeling sorry for my-seeeeelf!  Didn’t wanna be…”.  I wanted to be Bridget Jones from the third film - skinny, sexy, with a fancy TV job, 2 handsome men fighting over me and a happy baby! (I'll give the plastic surgery a miss though!  Big mistake Zellweger, huge!).  I decided I didn’t want to cry myself to sleep at night anymore… and just then the sound of Kesha’s song Tik Tok started to play in my head and I had a vision of what life could be like with my new metabolism:

“I wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy,

I rock a skin tight dress and heels and then I hit the city,

I run around and play with my kids Becca, Michael and Jack, 

I take a class of Bikram Yoga without breaking my back.”

Yeah, that’s more like it! The truth was I just wanted to feel good, and I wanted my body shape and size to reflect that!  I wanted to have enough energy to do all the activities I love, spend time with family and friends, be a good role model for my kids and live a life I felt proud of.

The 30 day Cleanse and Reset Your Metabolism program helped me jump start my weight loss, live a life I love and finally wear my tiny Victoria Secret knickers!  I thought it was going to be hard or complicated, but it was really simple.  Here’s how my trainer broke it down… 

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